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Doctor Testimonials


"The BaxMax lumbar spine support comes with my full endorsement. With 38 years of practice experience, I have tried numerous different back supports. The BaxMax far surpasses all that I have ever tried. They are lightweight, durable, easy to put on or take off, easy to tighten or loosen and easy to sell. We have very high patient satisfaction with the product. I find it extremely helpful as a part of our protocol for acute lumbar spine disorders as well as stabilization for chronic lumbar spine disorders too.Customer service is excellent and shipping is fast. I am glad to have met Dave and very glad to have the BaxMax supportavailable for our patient base."

Dr. Steven J. Garber

Cartersville, GA

"I have been in practice for over 30 years and I have used the elastic (cris-crossing) supports for my patients. However, it wasn’t until I had a back injury myself and I picked up a BaxMAX and learned what a phenomenal tool it is. It really cinches and supports the lumbar spine – not just the muscular structure. I was amazed, it really, really helped! I only use the BaxMAX now in my practice and highly recommend it to everyone."

Dr. Bryan Weissman

San Diego, CA

"I have used Tri-core braces for 25 years. I never thought I would see much new technology in the lumbar support area. Well I was wrong! My patients and I have nothing but good to say about the BaxMAX braces. The ease of use for the patient, plus the support is far superior."

Dr. Kent Semlow

Macomb, MI

"Over the past 3 years I’ve made BaxMAX part of my practice and couldn’t be happier! No longer are those bulky lumbar supports which stretch, smell and are rendered useless in a matter of weeks. This product is perfect for my practice...lightweight, strong, breathable, COST EFFECTIVE and very supportive!"

Dr. Marshall Bronstein

Miami, FL

Consumer Testimonials


img/testimonials/mary.png"I was taking pain meds almost every day for about 10 years to help me deal with my back pain. I tried the BaxMAX at a festival and couldn't believe how it instantly took the pain away. I tell everyone I know about it now!"

Mary C

Chesterfield, MI

"I served in the first Gulf War and had a thousand pound rocket drop on top of me. With repeated back surgeries and continuous alternative methods like meditation, massage, icing, heating, stretching, gravity chair, pain medications and a number of different types of back braces I had yet to find something to provide me with some pain relief. That is until I came across Dave who was at a booth talking about this product. The instant he placed the product on and I tightened the strap, I felt a enormous relief of pressure on my spine and in turn felt pain relief! At last, someone has designed a product for those that suffer from chronic back pain. I cannot thank you enough and tell you how much this has helped me! I am not affiliated in no way with this company, but I am now a firm believer and supporter of what this company is doing and has done for me. Getting even an hour of pain relief has provided me with a better quality of life. This has surely changed my life, Thank you!!!"


Trenton, MI

"I have had low back pain for most of my life. I am an iron worker and the stress and physical nature of my job sometimes makes my pain level intolerable. the BaxMAX is definitely the best product I have used for pain relief."

Joe M

Gary, IN

"I injured my back as a young man while lifting a steel I-beam. I have suffered episodes of lower back trouble ever since. Severe episodes usually occurred about twice a year and would require a week of bed rest to recover and several trips to the chiropractor. This cycle continued for decades. I recently suffered an episode that lasted well over a month with no relief no matter what I tried. The pain was unbearable. An over the counter brace worn 24-7 brought no relief. I could hardly get out of bed, stand or walk. I believed it was time for surgery. I was surfing the web in desperation and found your ad. I decided to place an order feeling I had nothing to loose but money. To be honest, I was completely skeptical and had little hope the brace would help me. I received my BAXMAX a few days later. The brace is super lightweight, simple to put on and adjust. The results were immediate. In short, no more back pain. I could stand and walk the second I put it on. I was pain free for the first time in over a month. Bottom line, your product works! It's a prayer come true. I can finally look forward to a good night sleep pain free. I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH."

James T.

Lohman, MO

"I was in a car accident 13 years ago and fractured my lower lumbar. After 3 surgeries, physical therapy and hundreds of doctor visits, the BaxMAX is the only thing I found that gives me consistent relief."

Reginald S

Indianapolis, IN

"I am an ER nurse and am on my feet all day. I threw my back out last year after lifting a patient and ever since I have been dealing with the pain. The BaxMAX helps me make it through my 12 hour shifts. Thank you!"

Delores H.

Canton, OH

"I found that riding my Harley long distances to be a very painful experience. With the BaxMAX I can ride as long as I want to pain free."

Keith D.

North Branch, MI

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