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The BaxMAX Reseller Program

top image3Are you an Orthopedic Doctor, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Personal Training or Wellness Center? If so, we would like to show you how the BaxMAX can help your patients and become another tool in your pain management and rehabilitation arsenal for lower back pain.

The BaxMAX will give many of your patients instant relief, especially if they are suffering from an acute or chronic low back issue. PLUS, they will LOVE using it! Our unique (one-pull) compound pulley design makes the BaxMAX easy to put on and operate, and its very comfortable to wear under or over clothing.

The BaxMAX has an approved HCPCS billing code of L0626 (or LO641) and can be billed to most insurances. We also have a retail program for cash patients that includes an attractive point of sale display option for your practice.

Please Contact Us for wholesale pricing information.

BAX Max back support
BAX Max back support
BAX Max back support

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